Weird and Wacky Yoga News – Yoga Bust Up

Really? Like, really? Just when you thought the yoga world doesn’t get any weirder… it does. I got a tip from my teacher Theresa Elliott about this revolutionary technique! For only $79.99, you can be on your way to increase your bust size by doing these yoga moves for just 7 minutes a day!

I’m speechless, so I’m just gonna leave these screen shots up for you to see, they really speak for themselves. Also, turn on your speakers to enjoy the lovely Chinese music. Yes, that’s right, Chinese music. Home Page Home Page

Exihit 1: home page with the quote by Alice Walker: “The nature of this flower is to bloom.”

Yoga Bust Up boobs

Exhibit 2: A thousands years of techniques could bring you the bust line you’ve always wanted.

Where do I sign up?

Where do I sign up?