Weight-loss surgeon finds another way to help people as a yoga instructor

So reads the headline of the Seattle Times article about James Weber, a surgeon who, after three decades as a surgeon, decided to become a yoga teacher. 

“Consider it a quality-of-life move”, the article says.

My friend Thais has been telling me about a surgeon-turned-yoga-teacher at  Sound Mind and Body, a gym in Fremont. Last night, while doing some Google sleuthing on yoga studios around town, I came across his story in print.

Dr. Weber’s story reminds me of my Anatomy teacher, Dr. Paul Bubak, a retired surgeon who came to yoga at a later age, who’s now also reaping the benefits of this practice. It is never too late.

What strikes me is what Dr. Weber said, “I feel I belong in yoga, and that, as I look back, I had sort of made myself belong in surgery.” This has really make me reflect on all the occasions that I’ve made myself belong somewhere, doing something. I would sometimes look back thinking, “What a waste that was”, and then a while longer, reflecting again to find some value in them.

And so, congrats to Dr. Weber for his quality-of-life change, and I’m sure his students will benefit a lot from his professional and personal experience.