Virtual World Yoga Conference 2010

Yoga Conferences are big business. If you’ve had the fortune *and* misfortune of having been to one, you know that the experience can be both awesome and awful.

The Awesome part about Yoga Conferences is you get to check out a whole host of teachers in one location in a short amount of time. The Awful part of Yoga Conferences is you’ve got to book the flight, get the hotel room, pay for the conferences, the meals, the impulse buys, etc. It all adds up. (And we’re not talking about the other unpleasantries of yoga conferences here.)

Well, here comes the 1st annual virtual yoga conference. It’s a 3-day conference happening this month from Friday February 19 to Sunday the 21st.

How Does a Virtual Conference Work?

When your session begins, pick up your phone and dial the number you’ve been given. This will connect you with the teacher, the moderator, the technical team, and your fellow students in that class. It’s best to call and get settled at least five minutes before the session begins.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions in live events during the call, or you can connect on the online forum. If you prefer, you can also use your computer to enter the classroom. – More info on that here.

The Speakers

I’m looking forward to Neil Pearson‘s two workshops: Understanding Pain and Chronic Pain, and Chronic Pain, Modern Science and Therapeutic Yoga, and Nischala Joy Devi on The Secret Power of the Yoga Sutras.

Our Seattle area tech+yoga royalty, Soleil Hepner, the creator of YogaBlaze, will also give a much needed workshop on overcoming technology overload.

You can go here to check out the full list of the speakers.

Well, um, see you on the Internets at the first virtual yoga conference?

Let's all cross our finger for this to *not* happen during the virtual conference.

Let's all cross our finger for this to *not* happen during the virtual conference.