The Triadic Adventure with Ross Rayburn at Seattle Yoga Arts

Last Thursday night, after I taught my Beginner’s class at Village Green Yoga, I went out to dinner with Jean Massimo, who told me that Ross Rayburn, a Certified Anusara teacher, coming to Seattle Yoga Arts this weekend. This weekend? Like, this weekend this weekend? I asked Jean. Yup. Well, see, there’s a problem, I’m going to see Rod Stryker this weekend. Besides, I don’t even know who Ross Rayburn is.

I thought about it though, and after thinking it some more I decided to go see Ross instead of Rod. Rod Stryker is in town for a 5-day workshop on the Marma. I know, like, thero, about Marma, and I want to know more. I wouldn’t be able to see him for all five days, and I thought maybe 2 out of 5 would suffice, and then I convinced myself then 2/5 would be half-assed. And maybe this is god’s way of telling me to be impulsive and take risks and do things that aren’t planned… and all that jazz (see how easy it is to rationalize? ;)).

I confess, I can’t really get with the program on some of the words used in Anusara Yoga, though I *like* them. I like them *a lot*. Words and phrases that use and abuse the heart, like melt your heart just… I don’t know, I LIKE THEM, I use them privately, but I don’t need them to be… on a Yoga Journal ad *everywhere*. It’s the same allergy I have with all the girly mags headlines about sex, *all* the time, *every* time. Sometimes I’d see a Cosmo cover and cynically think, “maybe if you didn’t obsess over everything about it, you’d actually have time to just do it.”

Okay, enough about my soapbox. The point is, I decided to go see Ross Rayburn, without really knowing much about what we’re going to do, and this description from the website, though sounded nice, didn’t prepare me much for what to expect. But hey, sometimes that’s how it goes, right? And he did mention it will be an adventure. Did someone say adventure? I’ll sign up for that.

In Anusara Yoga, one of the most fundamental methods is to align with grand, universal forces as the foundation for our lives. One such fundamental energy construction is the paradigm of three. Triads are essentially omnipresent. Whether it’s the triad of the great religious traditions, the audible sounds of the sacred Om or simply the elements of each breath; the wave-like creation, refinement and dissolving is with us in every moment of every day. Thus, recognizing them and their wave-like properties is not only efficacious, but can be truly and magically transformative.

This theme will be applied in a weekend workshop where we’ll explore myriad triadic frameworks through meditation, asana, and of course, what we do off the mat. It’s going to be an adventure, a Triadic Adventure… Ride the Wave! (This is an ALL levels workshop.)

Ross is funny. I appreciate that. A lot. My philosophy is you can be extremely strong and flexible in the body, but if your mind is as rigid as honey on a cold day, you’re still not very much fun to hang out with. So Ross is funny and down to earth, and he made a Sanskrit joke! I dig that. He’s also an anatomy geek. This too, made my heart happy. (Oh noes, I said heart!)

Since I’m so used to studying with Judith Lasater, who’s a stickler about asking to touch someone, there was some partner work that had me thinking, “I’m supposed to touch this stranger… where?” There were also a couple things we did with the hips that I wasn’t sure about, but I’m thinking I just need to chew on the cud a little.

Anyway, if you’re reading this and have a chance at some point to see Ross Rayburn, go. If you’re in the Capitol Hill area in Seattle, or anywhere else in the Seattle area, for that matter, and looking for top-notch Anusara Yoga instruction, check out Seattle Yoga Arts and their new space on 15th and Madison.