The practice goes on

First things first, hello! It’s been quiet in here, I know, but that’s not a reflection of my interest in this whole yoga bit.

If anything, these past couple months have given me yet another affirmation that yoga is in my life to stay.

To say that things are always changing is a gross understatement, it’s as conclusive as gravity. The pace at which things have changed and challenged me in the past few months, however, is a more thrilling phenomenon, at least for this audience of one.

This past Spring, I took a course with the Washington Alpine Club, where I learned to tie 50 kinds of knots, read maps, navigate with an old-school compass (they still exist, yes!), and travel on snow and ice. What I took away are crucial three components to a successful trip in–and out–of the mountain: the appropriate equipment, the mountaineer’s skills, and their mental alertness.

Despite the obvious outward difference, mountaineering is pretty similar to yoga.

The peaks and valleys out there are as vast and amazing, and most of all, as undiscovered, as the ones inside. When you venture out there, there are inevitable risks, and with the right tools, skills, and attitude, you get to discover something new, gain a new perspective, and see what Stephen Jay Gould would call “the Richness of Life“.

And so, as long as I still have this body that I can breathe with and move about in, I’ll continue to explore its terrain. I’ll keep working on the skills, sharpen my mental faculties, and buying yoga swags, er… I mean, getting the right equipments.

Two weeks ago, I spent six days in Berkeley doing a Summer Intensive at the Yoga Room with Donald Moyer and Mary Lou Weprin. I’m still absorbing what I learned, physically, in my own body. In two weeks, I’ll spend a weekend with Tias Little in Seattle learning about bones, joints, blood and breath.

Reflections about those workshops to come.

In the meantime, happy September, and I hope you guys have a great Fall.