Engagement Yoga

Yoga for Engaged Couples

Congratulations! You’ve found the One (not to be confused with Keanu Reeves… unless of course, it’s Keanu Reeves :)).

Now that all the phone calls to friends and family have been made and the proposal story has been told a couple times over, the tasks on your wedding to-do list will inevitably start adding up.

On top of everything else in your life, wedding planning is sure to test your patience and peace of mind.


The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety and produce the state of well-being in the mind and body. Though it’s a personal journey, doing yoga together can help the bride and groom-to-be stay better connected during a time when many decisions must be made–and agreed upon–in a short time.

It is also not unusual for this to be a time when the couple is working on some physical improvement, staying fit or getting more fit. Yoga can help, not only with the physical aspect, but the mindfulness practice gained from yoga can be used to improve our diet and eating habits.

Pre-wedding yoga, or engagement yoga, can help you go through this potentially stressful (but joyful) time with a bit more grace and less migraines. 


The Benefits of Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions will help both of you learn and do yoga together in a supported and relaxed environment.

  • No need to rush in traffic or make carpool plans to make it to class on time. I will travel to where you are at a time that’s convenient for you. With yoga for two, a living room will provide enough space.
  • Go at your own pace. I won’t just call out a pose or gloss over the technical details. 
  • Go by your own needs. Whether you’re feeling energetic or exhausted, I will make sure to tailor the class with the goal of your well-being in mind.
  • You already know each other! Partner work is less awkward, and you won’t have to feel weird trying something new in front of strangers. The ego has less of a need to prove itself. 
  • All the yoga questions you’ve always wanted to ask (but maybe were afraid to). Perhaps you really wanted to raise your hands and asked what the teacher *really* meant by “engaged your perineum”, for example. This is your chance to get to the bottom of it.
  • A strong foundation for continuing your yoga practice. Private classes will give you a good understanding of the yoga poses you’ll encounter in a gym or studio setting, and you’ll have a solid base to build on.


A Plan for Two

Depending on your schedule, budget, and experience, we can do a little or a lot of yoga. I recommend doing a series of 6 or more weekly or bi-weekly classes for the body to assimilate, and to get the benefits of a consistent practice. 

Here is a sample 6-week itinerary:

Downward Dog – The mother of all poses that provides an all-over body stretch, from the hands to  shoulders, back, hamstrings, and calves. How to straighten and lengthen the spine and prevent dumping the body weight in the shoulder joints. How to work with tight calves and hamstrings. The difference between “long dog” and “short dog”.

Plank – the pose that works the core, strengthens your chest, arms and wrists. The difference between parallel and diagonal planks. How to position the hands to prevent carpal pain.

Tree pose – challenges your balance and focus, strengthens your feet muscles. How to keep the hips even and make supported modifications for times of great instability

Bridge pose – Restorative and non restorative versions, strenghthens the midback and lower back and the muscles between the shoulder blades, stretches the abs and chest muscles. How to keep the knees from falling to the sides, different ways of coming into the pose. (In a way, the two of you are also learning to build a bridge between and to each other).

Headstand preparation – Getting married is likely to turn your world upside down, so what better preparation for that than to do it physically? This pose will increase the flexibility of the upper back and hamstrings, and stretch and strengthen your shoulders. Learn how to come into headstand safely with the help of your partner.

Warrior I & II – No pre-wedding yoga would be complete without poses that make you feel, if only momentarily, like a cool, calm, collected warrior standing in the face of chaos. These poses strengthen your leg muscles, especially your hamstrings and quads, and stretch the adductors – or inner thigh muscles. Learn the difference between a lateral standing pose and a sagittal standing pose, and how to position your hips accordingly.

Breathing techniques – Working with the breath will have a profound effect on the mind and body, and it is something that you can take with you anywhere, from wedding-dress shopping to deciding on the RSVP list.



Most likely, you didn’t meet and decide to get married in a day. I don’t expect you to sign up for a series of private yoga sessions without getting to know me, my teaching style, and what I can offer. My first class is complimentary, a chance for us to get to know each other, and for you to “try before you buy”. 

Private yoga classes in Seattle range from $75/hour to $100/hour per person. My class fee is always donation-based, and the suggested packages are:

  • 4 classes for $400. $100/class. $50/person
  • 6 classes for $510. $85/ class. $42.50/person
  • 8 classes for $640. $80/class. $40/ person
  • 10 classes for $750. $75/class. $37.50/person


The Art of Yoking

Yoga is a Sanskrit word with the verbal root yuj, meaning to yoke or to unite. As the two of you join hands together down the path of wedded bliss, the planning process may send you a few hiccups. Consider a private yoga class as a joint “me time”, where both of you can relax, breathe, let go, and regenerate energy.

Consider yoga as part of your “wedding planning survival plan”.

If you know a couple who just got engaged, or who are going through an arduous wedding planning process, yoga makes a great gift. 


Not Engaged or Already Married?

The benefits of yoga and the benefits of private yoga sessions not only apply to engaged couples, but to all other couples as well, especially if you’re going through a time of change and transition together. So, you’ll reap those benefits without having to worry about the menu, the guest list, or the DJ.

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