Teaching Announcement – Techniques of Hatha Yoga at LakeView Yoga

Starting Sunday, November 1st, I’ll be teaching a six-week series on the techniques of Hatha Yoga at LakeView Yoga in North of Seattle.

What is Hatha Yoga, you might ask? It’s a common misunderstanding that Hatha is a style of yoga, but it’s not. Hatha is an all-inclusive term for any type of yoga where you’re performing the yoga postures and doing breath work, essentially to prepare your body for meditation, but the benefits extend to other purposes as well. So, Bikram is Hatha yoga, Vinyasa Flow is Hatha yoga, for example. (Don’t beat yourself up if you are super confused by this, even Group Health got tripped up.)

With that, the Techniques of Hatha Yoga class is intended to provide a solid foundation for any style of yoga that moves you (yes, yes, groaning is expected here. :))

The class is appropriate for anyone brand new to yoga *as well as* anyone who’s been doing yoga for some time, and looking to build a solid foundation for their own personal practice, which may include a home practice. You may have been doing yoga where the class keeps moving from one pose to the next. In this class, we will allow for time to carefully look at the poses and how to do them in a way that’s safe for your body.

We’ll go over the fundamentals of yoga, including alignment, breathing, and relaxation techniques. The classes build on each other and are neutral in “style”, but will touch on principles from major schools of yoga, so that you can take what you learn and go anywhere and do any yoga class with confidence.

Good to know:

  • The room will be at a comfortable temperature, not heated excessively, so dress accordingly.
  • Wear anything that doesn’t restrict your movement and allows you to move freely, and also conforms to your body. Shorts are great since I can see your knees. Keep in mind the Yoga version of Murphy’s Law: “If it’s possible to reveal too much, it *will* reveal too much”.
  • Mats, straps and blocks will be provided (If the idea of straps and blocks gives you… well, ideas, rest assured they will be used for good, not evil.)
  • Since the room won’t feel like a sauna, you won’t need to bring a month’s supply of liquid, but it’s always a good idea to be well hydrated.
  • Plan on taking your socks off.
  • Guys, yes, this is an equal opportunity yoga class!
  • A sense of humor is highly encouraged!

Topics include:

  • Benefits and characteristics of each type of posture
  • Principles of movement and alignment in major styles of yoga
  • Yoga breathing techniques
  • Precautions and common errors
  • Transitioning between poses
  • And of course, Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Yoga But Were Afraid to Ask

Schedule & Cost

The classes are entirely donation-based! Suggested donation: $75 for the whole  series, $15 for drop-in. Preregistration is highly, highly encouraged. Please email nikki @nikkiyoga.com. Get the flyer [PDF] here: Donation-based Hatha Yoga Techniques at Lakeview Yoga

Sunday afternoon/evening classes: the start time alternates between 3:15pm and 6:45pm:

  • November 1st: 3:15-4:30pm – Lateral Standing Postures
  • November 8th: 6:45-8:00pm – Sagittal Standing Postures
  • November 15th: 3:15-4:30pm – Forward Bends & Restorative
  • November 22nd: 6:45-8:00pm – Semi-Inversion
  • November 29th: 3:15-4:30pm – Twists
  • December 6th: 6:45-8:00pm – Backbends

Wednesday morning classes are all from 7:45-9:00am:

  • November 4th – Lateral Standing Postures
  • November 11th – Sagittal Standing Postures
  • November 18th – Forward Bends & Restorative
  • November 25th – Semi-Inversion
  • December 2nd – Twists
  • December 9th – Backbends

Where: LakeView Yoga6251 NE Bothell Way, Kenmore, WA 98028-8941, (425) 481-7020

There will also be a FREE workshop on Sunday October 25th from 2:30 – 4:30 with a special topic on Downward Facing Dog.

Questions? I may have answers! Please send me an email at nikki @ nikkiyoga.com, and I hope to see you in class.