Teacher Training Retreat Reflection

I spent this past week fully living in yoga, from morning to night, with a schedule packed with Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Philosophy, Art of Teaching, and the Business of Yoga.

Without going into exhausting details of everything we did (and it was exhausting, physically and mentally), I will say that it brought me closer to my classmates and teachers, it tested my tapas–my endurance and energy, and it was full of joy and insight.

I learned a lot, absolutely, but the one thing I appreciated the most was learning how to learn, and learning how to teach.

How do I teach what people need to learn, while still giving them what they want? How do I even know I can give them what they want? How do you know when you’re “good enough” to teach something? These are some of the questions we discussed.

As students we are always eager to have the answer, all the answers, *now*! It’s frustrating not to have an immediate solution. But to be a student is not to get all the answers delivered on a platter. To be a student is to continually reflect on the teachings, to give it time to steep.

Our teachers guided us through our questions by asking us, do we have a consistent home practice? Do we know what we want to teach? Are we clear on our intention?

“Teach what you know, and teach what you practice.” And how do you come into your own as a teacher? My teacher Kathryn suggested setting intentions, which are different from goals. “You will figure out the right class pace and all that with time and practice, but the most important thing to ask is, did you get across what you wanted to  say? Did you deliver on your intention?”