Talkin’ Shop with Soleil Hepner

Sometimes you don’t have to plan everything for good things to happen.

Today Soleil Hepner and I spontaneously met up, just like that. She emailed at 12:45, I called her back before 1, and a half an hour later, we were sipping mocha together, as Sheryl Crow would say, soaking up the sun.

Though we had been tweeting and emailing back and forth, today was the first time we met up in person, (as they say in my world of geeky speak: IRL – In Real Life). I knew what to look for though, her Seane-Corn-lookalike  golden locks!

Soleil is the brain and brawn behind the YogaBlaze newsletter, and now YogaBlaze Social Network, filling a huge gap in the Seattle Yoga scene with an outlet for current news, advertising opportunities, and networking (there are no online dating features yet :)).

We talked a lot about a lot of things, from things to add to YogaBlaze to yoga laws and regulation, and how we can support new yoga teachers. My list of things to do just got a lot longer 🙂 I also got to learn more about Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, (not to be confused with therapy for Harry Potter fans).

I’m sure the Don’t-Make-Me-Groan Joke Police will come after me for this, but it was an afternoon full of soleil et Soleil. Merci a vous deux!

Nikki Chau & Soleil Hepner. Seattle yoga and techie women!

Nikki Chau & Soleil Hepner. Fun loving Seattle yoga and techie women!