SOS – Sit-off Meditation Competition Sponsors

Have you heard of the Meditation Competition? Are you doing the Sit-off? If so, let these awesome business know and enjoy the generous discounts they’ve offered. Do you know a business who would like to and should participate? Are you one yourself? Please let me know and join in!

10% off at Village Green Yoga

I am proud to have the support of Jean Massimo, owner of Village Green Yoga in Issaquah, who has graciously offered 10% off of merchandise in the Village Green Yoga boutique for anyone doing the Sit-off.

Our eco-boutique offers functional earth-friendly clothing for yoga and life. We have everything from your favorite practice pant, to organic jeans.

We support smaller, ecologically conscious manufacturers including Blue Canoe, Shining Shakti, Bamboo Dreams (OR), Of the Earth (Bend, OR), and Inner Waves Organics (Maui, HI). We are proud sellers of beautiful, unique, and locally-crafted sriKaya jewelry.

Our selection of the finest yoga accessories includes Jade Harmony and Manduka mats and a wide array of books, DVDs, and CDs. We are an area retailer of Maui Jim sunglasses, which are both fashionable and designed to protect your eyes from sun, glare, and constantly shifting light from cloudy skies.

We also have gifts and goodies that include Shoyeido (some of the best incense in the world) and local favorites like Big Dipper Wax Works candles from Seattle, Hempmania bags from Bainbridge Island. Look and feel great while being kind to the planet!

10% off a New Client 2-Hour Thai Yoga Body Therapy with Liam Jones

What is Thai Yoga Therapy?

From Liam’s Thai Yoga Therapy website:

Thai Yoga Therapy is the healing art of the legendary ancient Traditional Thai Massage. It is also known as Thai Yoga Massage , Thai Yoga and Thai Massage. It is however not at all like the massage we know in the west. Massage is the closest English translation.

In reality it is a legendary Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic healing art. It is an ancient, unique, energy-body work that can be deep, dreamy, and relaxing while releasing blocked energy and leaving the recipient in a more aware and energetically coherent and fluid state.

A free tea with purchase of a pastry at Wheatless in Seattle

If you have not discovered Kaili Mcintire and Wheatless in Seattle yet, you must, whether or not you have any dietary restrictions. Her coffee shop on 100th and Greenwood is a cozy place to bring your laptop and work with free wifi as well, and have I mentioned that the food is delicious?

It all started out of a medical need for me to eat gluten free foods. As a baker, I started experimenting with different flours and techniques to make gluten free foods and had a light bulb moment that I couldn’t be the only one with a wheat allergy.

I have developed gluten free alternatives for almost everything from quiche to pasta to pastry and enjoy making new products or improving the ones I have.

We offer the best of fresh gluten free breads, cakes and pastries that are high quality and delicious and taste just like or better than the traditional wheat counterpart.

$30 off a 90-minute massage with Sarah Moon

If you’re gonna sit, why not get sittin’ pretty with an awesome massage from Sarah Moon of Moon Rock Massage? She’s offering a very generous discount of $30 off, which means you get a 90-minute massage for only $60 bucks! What are you waiting for? Go sit!

Whether pain is from recent injury or for chronic pain management, Sarah focuses on providing relief with a healing touch and targeted self-care suggestions. Her style includes a mix of injury treatment, deep tissue, stretching, cupping and sports massage.

Extensive continuing education has given Sarah an in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, including extensive work in the abdominal/core region – perfect for anyone suffering from chronic low back pain.

Woohoo, incentives!

Woohoo, incentives!