Songs of Gratitude – A Thanksgiving Soundtrack

A little known fact about me is that one of my life projects is to find a song for every emotion and/or occasion. You’ll often find me quoting lyrics from all kinds of songs as I find them fitting (plus, it saves me from having to think original thoughts :)). I was on Grooveshark putting together some playlists, and realized there’s a disproportionate amount of Christmas albums, as compared to, say Halloween (I know, what rubbish, right?).

For a noble occasion such as today, the day of giving thanks, the selection is rather small and predictable, and in many cases, corn isn’t just for dinner. (For example, I like Dido and all, but how many times can you listen to Thank You after it was played to death on the radio?)

What are some songs, popular and otherwise, that express the attitude of Thanksgiving, without the cheese-laden, overly-stuffed feeling of the Holidays? Here are a couple songs that I wouldn’t mind being on heavy rotation for a Thanksgiving CD. What are yours?

  • How Lucky We Are – Meiko
  • Thank You For The Music – ABBA
  • Lucky – Jason Mraz
  • First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes
  • Be Here Now – Ray LaMontagne
  • In My Life – The Beatles
  • Green Eyes – Coldplay
  • Life is Wonderful – Jason Mraz
"I wrote a song. I wrote a song for you. And it was called Yellowww..."

"I wrote a song. I wrote a song for you. And it was called Yellowww..."