Seattle Yoga News – Yoga Performances at Taj Yoga

Attention Seattleites, this is yoga like you’ve never seen it before! Come to the Crown Hill Arts Festival, eat, drink, be merry, and watch some awesome yoga dance compositions, for FREE!

This Saturday November 7th, Taj Yoga in Seattle will transform into a performing arts venue. Four original yoga dance compositions choreographed by Theresa Elliott will be performed by Taj teachers and students:

  • “Standing Pose Vinyasa,” 1991: Based on lateral and sagittal standing postures as defined by yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar, this work is performed by April Kieburtz. Music: Pink Floyd’s Us and Them.
  • “Eventide,” 1997: Flamenco dance and mudras (hand gestures) inspired this work performed by Laura DeFreitas. Music: Tchaikovsky’s Coffee: Arabian Dance from the Nutcracker.
  • “Pommel Horse: Variations on Hanumanasana,” 2008: Performed by Dylan Noebels and accompanied by the fabulous Bill Mathews on drum, this work is based on the movements of a gymnast on the pommel. Six variations of Hanumanasana (splits) are presented in this highly kinetic piece.
  • “Mowgli Walking: The Lure of The Quadruped,” 2009: In this latest work performed by Theresa Elliott, the human activities we do on two feet are transferred to animals on all fours. Music: Henry Mancini’s Baby Elephant Walk

Pommel Horse – performed by Theresa Elliott

Eventide – performed by Theresa Elliott