Seattle Yoga News – The Inward Journey with Felicity Green at Two Dog Yoga

This weekend I’ll be doing a workshop with Felicity Green at Two Dog Yoga in the Lake City neighborhood in North Seattle.

I was all in when I heard that Felicity was coming, because I know that she’s one of the handful Iyengar teachers with Advanced Certificates, and I can learn a thing or two from her.

Then, seeing my long to-do list growing even longer in recent days, I told myself that “something’s gotta give”, and decided to forgo the workshop. A part of me kept second-guessing this decision, and, as if to help me out, I came across what neuropsychiatrist Peter Whybrow called ‘American mania’ from the Figuring Out Fulfillment blog:

“How many of us feel mandated to read every email as it arrives in our inbox, or check our work voicemail as soon as the light turns red? Stop, the light announces; you must check me before refilling your coffee cup, before proceeding with your life.

How many of us tell ourselves the anxiety we feel is normal and that an inability to cope with it is a personal failure? How many of us live to fulfill a list instead of ourselves, hoping that if we can just keep up, just maybe we will earn a few minutes to sit in tranquility and escape, if only in our minds.”

Well, that hits home.

So, I will make time to go see what the inward journey is all about through the 5 koshas. From the Two Dog Yoga website:

Yoga is a process of learning about ourselves: “Svadhyaya”
We start of by learning about our muscles and bones: “Anamayakosa”
We learn about the effects these bodily actions have on our physiology: “Pranamayakosa”
Now we go deeper to feelings, thoughts and emotions: “Manomayakosa”

To do this we take Patanjali’s Sutras, the wisdom of yoga, to explore these deeper aspects of Pranayama, the Yamas and Niyamas the ethical suggestions of how to live our lives more peacefully with awareness.

Join us on this journey of asana, pranayama, philosophy and self-reflection.

Felicity Green is a Senior Iyengar Yoga instructor and has over 30 years of experience teaching worldwide. Originally trained as an Occupational Therapist, her years of study with B.K.S. Ieyengar in India and Swami Radha in Canada have greatly influenced her style of teaching. She blends a clarity and precision of instruction with warmth and devotion, taking the physical and spiritual practice of yoga to a deep level of attention.

Iyengar teacher Felicity Green. Photo by Steven Horn,

Iyengar teacher Felicity Green. Photo by Steven Horn,