Seattle Yoga News – Sanskrit & Yoga Philosophy Study Group with Kathryn Payne

One thing I started to realize as I got further and further in my yoga studies is the opportunities for me to practice Asana, and even Pranayama, are disproportionate in relation to the opportunities to delve into more esoteric subjects, such as reading the Ancient texts, and writing and pronouncing Sanskrit. (To be fair, not nearly as many people are interested in that. As my boyfriend once asked me, “Why are you learning a dead language? Do your students really care?”)

Any night of the week, I can spin around three times, throw a pebble, and it will surely land on a studio in which to lay my mat down. Finding a group with a learned teacher to discuss ishvara pranidhana and its practical implication in a modern world? My luck won’t be nearly as high. I am not *complaining*. I am *glad* that after a day of sitting in chairs too big and desks too high for me, hunching over a computer screen with my shoulders on top of my ears, I can stretch and bend and twist and invert and restore some alignment in my body.

I *will* say, though, that my physical practice grew leaps and bounds after I got to know the non-physical stuff, the… seemingly “only in your head” intellectual stuff. Like a pot of stew, everything started to complement each other, making the whole thing so much more tasty.

So, I am glad that my teacher Kathryn Payne has decided to hold more classes and workshop on Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy at Sound Yoga studio in West Seattle. If you are in the Seattle area and want to dig deeper in this kinda stuff , this is a great opportunity. Having studied regularly with Kathryn for the past two years, I will vouch that she is a great source of wisdom. So come! And I’ll see you there!

From the Sound Yoga website:

Dates: Tuesdays, July 13th & August 17 (2 classes)
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 Pm
Fee: $55 for both or $30 for a single two-hour class
Where: Sound Yoga in West Seattle (

In each class we will study by reading and chanting from source yoga texts. During these two summer sessions we will focus on the Patanjali sutras and mantra – maybe an Upanishad verse. Regardless of the material we will broaden vocabulary and deepen our understanding of the yoga through the power of its language – Sanskrit.

The course will continue to meet approximately once per month on Tuesdays evenings in the Fall. Dates TBA in a late Summer email.

To register, please send me an email at kp @ to let me know you are coming and snail mail fee (check) to Kathryn Payne, 12601 Cunliffe Rd, Vashon, 98070.

Learning verse 4.24 from the Bhagavad Gita with Kathryn Payne

Learning verse 4.24 from the Bhagavad Gita with Kathryn Payne