Seattle Yoga News – More Fizz, Less Fuss at Work with Phyzz Yoga

Today was a fine, fine Autumn day in the Pacific Northwest. The sun was shining everywhere and the wind scooped up yellow and red leaves swirling up in the air as I raced through town in my sandals (very Carrie Bradshaw-ish, minus the Manolo Blahniks) to meet up with a Seattle yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and fellow tech geek (we mentioned functional specs within the first five minutes): Karen Lindenberg, owner of Phyzz Yoga. (She is also a fellow member of the Five Two and Under Club :))

As I’ve mentioned in this blog, keeping up with Seattle yoga studios is like keeping up with all the offsprings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. You need a map or chart, like, literally.

The problem with yoga studios, as prevalent as they are, is we have to work around their schedule and location; we have to plan the commute, the parking, the timing, etc. Phyzz Yoga fills a gap, and as I see it, a much-needed gap, of bringing yoga *to* those of us who can use a good yoga fix when we need it most: at work.

It was great fun and inspiring for me to hear about Karen’s journey, from growing up in the Bay area, to going to school out East, (a certain prestigious university in a certain state known for legends and ghosts), coming to Seattle, leaving a certain very large software company, and coming to yoga as a teacher and entrepreneur.

Karen is leading the first Phyzz Yoga retreat to Friday Harbor, a town on the east side of San Juan Island, December 11-13. So, if you’re aching to get out of town, enjoy some winter ocean air, and fizzz out, let her know soon, since space is limited to only 10 people. If you’re in the Seattle area and can use some yoga at work, let her know too!

Another day at the office

Another day at the office