Seattle Yoga News – One Less Bikram Studio On the East Side

I used to work on the Microsoft campus in Issaquah (18.5 miles East of downtown Seattle on I-90), and often made mad dashes to Hot Yoga of Issaquah to do yoga by 5:15pm. I still remember sweating like crazy even *before* I got in the heated room with the summer sun beating down on my car as I tried to get through traffic to make it to class on time.

I’ve since stopped doing Bikram, my project in Issaquah ended, and I haven’t been back to the studio for over a year. During my research on the “State of the Union” of yoga in Seattle, I checked out the web site, and saw some changes on the schedule. Instead of Hot Yoga, there were¬†Hot Hatha Yoga and Hot Freestyle Yoga, and I couldn’t tell if they are fancy alternative names for Bikram yoga, or if they are something different altogether.

Recently I just got a confirmation through the yoga grape vine that the hot yoga classes are, in fact, different. There is no more Hot aka Bikram yoga at Hot Yoga of Issaquah.

(Conspiracy Theory Corner: is there a trend brewing?)