Seattle Yoga News: Expansion and Opening at Lila Yoga, Shakti Vinyasa, and Taj Yoga

Three Seattle area Yoga studios are on the move!

Taj Yoga now consists of Taj 1-the original Taj-and Taj 2, the younger sister in the room next door. On January 2nd, Studio Director Theresa Elliott held an inaugural class to “baptize” the new space, which she has transformed to fit for some serious yoga and movement work, exercise balls and foam rollers included. The second studio will allow Taj to have more teachers and hold more classes on the weekend, an option previously not possible with the Pacific Yoga Teacher training being held in Taj 1.

Shakti Vinyasa owner Lisa Black expanded further into the East Side with a third studio in Redmond in December, and it’s now open for business. This reporter is not a Baptiste practitioner, nor a Redmond resident, so that is all the scoop there is. If you have any, please share!

Santosha Yoga owner Beth Dial announced the closure of the studio after 10 years through an email in November. The email also vaguely mentioned that “a Santosha teacher and her business partner have signed a lease for the studio space to open a new studio in the same location.” And there was more than a hint of not cool, man, not cool: “It hurts to think that the new studio owners chose to go around me rather than work with me to maintain Santosha.”


In any case, Lila Yoga is the name of the new studio, and the website is beautiful (though you need to have Flash or Chrome). The teachers look vibrant and excited, and I hope the studio will stick around the Madison Valley area for another 10 years and more.

Here’s to our continuing of the birthing and deathing process and the whole dance of it all in 2011.