Seattle Yoga News – Deepening Your Anusara Knowledge with Jean Massimo

If you’re in the Seattle-Everett-Tacoma-Issaquah area and interested in deepening your knowledge of Anusara Yoga, you’re in luck! Jean Massimo, an Anusara Inspired ™ and Super Duper Awesome Teacher (why yes, that’s tm as well :)) is starting a 10-month series, delving into the basic tenets of the Anusara System.

From the website:

September 2009 – June 2010
Saturdays 12-3:30pm unless otherwise noted

We will take an in depth look at the main tenets of the Anusara Yoga System over the next 10 months to create a deeper understanding of how we can step into our optimal alignment. When we deepen our understanding we expand our capability.

Jean is an Anusara Inspired Teacher who has studied for over 6 years with many wonderful Certified Anusara teachers and is overjoyed to be able to share the wonderful world of yoga with you.
September 26th – The 3 A’s (Attitude, Alignment and Action)
October 17th – Universal Principles of Alignment
November 14th – First Principle (Open to Grace)
December 5th – Muscle Energy
January 16th and 17th – The Loops (Legs and Torso)
February 20th – The Spirals
March 20th – Shins In/Thighs Out
April 17th – Organic Energy
May 15th – Shoulders and Inversions
June 12th – Building a Home Practice
$565 for entire series
$172 for 3 consecutive sessions
$60 per session
preregistration and teachers permission is required