Seattle Yoga News – Breathe Hot Yoga Slated to Open in South Lake Union

A couple weeks ago, I joked that “it’s gettin’ hot in hurr” when I wrote about Be Luminous, a new yoga studio opening in the Whole Foods complex in Denny Triangle in downtown Seattle. Little did I know how heated it really was going to be.

This afternoon I was talking to my friend Eric over at The Puget News and got the scoop that yet another yoga studio will be opening a mere block away from Be Luminous, called Breathe Hot Yoga. One would assume that the studios will not step on each other’s toes *too* much, since one’s Baptiste, and the other is Bikram. However, Urban Yoga Spa down the street and all their clinical white walls will be losing the monopoly on the downtown Seattle yoga scene. (Okay, those of you rolling your eyes, stop before you lose them in the back of your head :))

It was interesting for me to find out that one of the brainchildren behind Breathe Hot Yoga turns out to be Ross Yearsley, who, before he was a software engineer, danced as a principal dancer with Pacific Northwest Ballet. He also graduated one year before me from the same program at the UW Information School. And at one point a couple years back, we both had our hands in then Seattle startup Blue Dot, which is now Faves.

Anyhow, the plot thickens as I learned that Breathe Hot Yoga plans to use only half the space for hot yoga, and the other half for functional training and other movement classes. Perhaps something like, yoga for newbies, or yoga techniques? Stay tuned, downtown Seattle. In the meantime, whether you’re getting your Chaturanga pants or English bulldog determination ready, remember Bikram Choudhury’s words of wisdom: “Don’t throw up on the carpet, it’s new.”

Yoga studios in downtown Seattle

Yoga studios in downtown Seattle