Seattle Yoga News – Asana Technique with Kathryn Payne at Island Yoga Center

If you’ve ever taken a Yoga Teacher Training from Pacific Yoga or a Sanskrit Weekend workshop in Seattle, you know Kathryn Payne. Otherwise, you may not have heard of her because she tends to fly below the radar, enjoying the island life on Vashon Island.

If you don’t live on an island (and yes, let’s forget for a moment that we all live on an island of some sort), the image of an island brings all sorts of images to mind: exotic, tropical, coconut trees, grass skirts, white sand, Johnny Depp (what, you don’t think of The Zaniest Pirate of Them All?)… and far, very, very far away, like, over-yonder far, which is what I imagined Vashon Island to be before I set foot on it.

Well, I’m here to assure you that Vashon Island is definitely not far away at all. It’s a mere 15 minute relaxing ferry ride from the West Side Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal, and it’s a great, great place to be.

Why all this praising of Vashon Island? Have I been hired by the Vashon Island Tourism Board? Actually, no, but I *have* been apprenticing with Kathryn Payne at Island Yoga Center on Vashon, and I just want to tell you about a class that she’ll be offering to refine your Asana techniques. There will be three sessions altogether on Tuesdays from 9:30-10:45AM. $15 each, $36 for the full series.

  • September 19th – Standing Poses
  • October 27th – Basic Backbends
  • December 1st – More Standing Poses

From the flyer:

This three-course series will focus on moving in and out of specific yoga poses. This includes refinement of techniques, understanding the components of the pose and feeling “from the inside” when a posture is accomplished.

In Standing Poses, Part One, we will pay special attention to the movement of the pelvis in triangle and extended side lateral pose. In addition we will look at the spine and neck movement in these postures. Have you wondered about that “pinch” in the lower back or pain in the groin? Or maybe everything feels fine, but you would like to refine the postures that teach us to stand and move with grace, both on the mat and in the world.

Kathryn is really awesome to study yoga with, not just for the Asanas but also Pranayama and philosophy from ancient texts (and I’m not saying this because she’s my Advisor and that she might be reading this… but then again, I’m really not above going for brownie points :D). She’s got a way with using image and language to get you thinking about your body in really neat and interesting ways. And for context, she studied with Dona Holleman, whose students include the famous John Friend, and Vyaas Houston, the founder of American Sanskrit Institute.

So, if you can make it, I totally recommend taking a trip to Vashon Island and Island Yoga Center.