Seattle Yoga News – A Cadaver Lab Course for Yoga Teachers and Body Workers

I have to admit one thing first, I always find the term “body worker” to be somewhat amusing, but I guess that’s the industry standard, so there it is.

Okay, as some of you know, I have been working with the director of the Basic Cadaver Anatomy course at Bastyr University for the past couple months. It was been especially challenging to work with everyone’s schedule and availability *and* the instructor’s and the lab availability.

So, after what seems like mountains of emails, I’ve got the dates nailed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to accommodate with everyone’s schedule, but I’ve made it so that you can come to a portion of the training.


There will be a total of three sessions of 4 hours each for a total of 12 hours. You can take each session individually, or you can take the whole thing for a 5% discount. The cost per hour is $35, making it $140 per session. The cost with discount for the whole course is $399 instead of $420.


Saturdays October 2nd, 9th, and 16th from 1-5 PM


Bastyr University
14500 Juanita Drive Northeast
Kenmore, WA 98028-4966
(425) 823-1300

The University requires that there are at least 6 students for each class, and preregistration is absolutely necessary. If you know for sure you can attend one, two, or all the sessions, please contact me at nikki at with the following information:

  • Institution/Company
  • Contact Person
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number

Please pass this on to anyone that you know would be interested. Thank you.

Here’s some information on the Cadaver Lab from the Bastyr website:

Basic Cadaver Anatomy For Health Professionals and Students

Course Benefits
The Basic Cadaver Anatomy course at Bastyr offers an opportunity for students and practitioners in every area of health care to review basic anatomy and to view the underlying structures of the body directly.

The course has two purposes:

  • To enhance the anatomy, physiology and kinesiology aspects of health care curricula
  • To provide a stand-alone review course for the established practitioner

Cadaver anatomy students represent many disciplines, including massage therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, rolfing, yoga, Heller body work, Alexander Technique, acupuncture, nursing, and dental hygiene.

Course Description
Experienced instructors ensure that all students have opportunities to view and touch the human body, as well as ask questions. Instructors are sensitive to students’ concerns about mortality and the body as a vessel of the spirit.

Course Outline

  • The muscles and structures of the back, upper and lower extremities
  • The brain and the muscles and structures of the head and neck
  • The muscles, structures and organs of the thorax and abdomen

Special requests for additional subject matter and special emphasis can frequently be accommodated.

Prospective students should be well-versed in the subject of human anatomy. Students may prepare for the course through formal study or thorough exploration of the topic on their own.

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