I took the 4:30 class, which I barely missed because I barely missed my bus. In class, I found that *dude* next to me, the one who’s always acting like he’s so much better than the rest of us. I kept reminding myself, “do not be offended, do not be offended”. I had read this from the “Last Words” section in the January issue of Seattle Conscious Choice. It was a poem from Aaron Silverberg titled “Resolution”

Forget diets
forget grandiose pilgrimages
forget tantric sex and
the bliss navel of the Universe.
See how long you can go
without being offended.

As if to test how long I can go without being offended, the Universe put this guy next to me. It is not that I had any proof he was a total showoff. It was just a feeling I had. It was my perception. Or maybe it was my projection? I would see him looking over at me, and even if I wasn’t looking, I knew he was looking at my poses and posture, as if checking to see if he was doing better.

Then, towards the end of class, in one pose where our eyes met, he smiled at me, a really big hearted and generous smile, and my heart melted. All my walls came tumbling down. After class, he told me that he thought my poses were awesome to check out. I smiled back, not the “Oh I’m so great” smile, but the “Thank you, I’m grateful” smile. That was the best yoga pose I did that day, and I didn’t even have to do a Chaturanga Dandasana.

Currently I’m burning up feverishly. The yoga felt deceivingly fabulous. I did feel like I had more energy afterwards, but I admit I felt asleep during savasana. The remnants of January are starting to weigh down on me.