Where Have All the YJ Male Cover Models Gone?

As luck would have it, I’ve had a speck of a brush with fame lately, what with running with the cool crowd and all. (I’m looking at you, all the fun people I met at Feathered Pipe Ranch).

Just yesterday, I got a message from the YogaDawg himself! (Eh, it’s a him, right? And, no, I’m clearly not above name dropping :D) “If you get a chance, check this out to see how down to earth YJ was ‘back in the day'”, the Dawg said.

I wouldn’t even think about *not* following his command, so down the rabbit whole I went to Google Books’ archive of Yoga Journal. (I’m really grateful for Google Books, since I was going to wander down to the deep dark basement of the Seattle Public Library, you know, where you can hear the floor creaking, water dripping, four-legged rattling, and occasional distant howling, to retrieve some original Yoga Journal mags)

I was shocked, shocked, *shocked* that there were men gracing the covers of some early Yoga Journal issues, you know, dudes like B.K.S Iyengar, The Dalai Lama, and Ram Dass. Some cover models definitely would not fall in the “under 35, we card” category, and they are all covered up with… well, clothes. “What’s up with that?” I asked YogaDawg.

The last time a guy appeared on the Yoga Journal cover was the March/April 2003 issue, and he had to be all twisted up like only Richard Freeman could be.

Where have all the male yogis gone?

Ram Dass and Yoga Journal circa 1986

Ram Dass and Yoga Journal circa 1986