Just For Fun – Yoga Jargon Generator

My boyfriend has been doing interviews with Technology Consulting companies, and I’ve been helping him prep for them. And by “help”, I mean asking snarky questions like, “Are you ready to expedite enterprise ROI?”, and “Let’s synergize integrated synergies!”. (I’m available for interview coaching, please call to inquire.)

It occurred to me that Consulting and Yoga share something in common: a set of vocabulary with more meaning individually than together in a sentence. To wit:

  • Consulting-Speak: “Our holistic approach enables vertical connectivity between the field operations team and the quality assurance technicians to optimize consumer impact points.” – from Guerrilla Marketing
  • Yoga-Speak: “As my eyes are opened to the Truth that is around me, I accept with equanimity the absence of Justice but keep my focus on breath so that the source of Love will nourish me.” – from HuffPo

I don’t care much for the “Yoga Teacher Speak“. Today, there was a lively discussion in the YogaDawg’s Facebook Universe¬†about when yoga teachers say all this “spiritual stuff”, and I thought, hey, if consultants can have their Jargon Generator, why can’t we?

So, without further repurposing, here’s v1.0 of the Yoga Jargon Generator, with Service Packs to come. Just choose any word from the first column, then add any word from the following columns, and you’re on your way. Yoga responsibly.

Yoga Jargon Generator
open graciously to Truth
embrace fully into Love
let go intuitively with Spirit
affirm peacefully surrounded by Grace
honor purposefully cratered by Heart
balance joyfully connected by Light
radiate energetically awakened by Consciousness

By the way, speaking in jargons is optional for both Consultants and Yoga Teachers. The Speak Clearly option (also known as the “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth” option) is always available to everyone.