Judith Lasater’s Experiential Anatomy Teacher Training

I’m back from a week of immersing myself in yoga, anatomy, and the wild open sky of Montana at Feathered Pipe Ranch.

I’ve updated the outline of the topics we discussed on the Yoga Conferences and Workshop page. I’ll keep updating the blog with the information I learned, little by little, because the training was packed with information and wisdom, stories, beautiful memories, and most of all laughter.

I was so stoked to see Judith again, of course, I was also so glad to have met so many awesome people. It was a rather small group, so it was easier to talk to everybody.

At night, I laid out on the front lawn and watched the stars twinkle above. I caught the Perseid meteor shower on two nights, and I keep thinking how some people in our lives are like shooting stars. They come as fast as they leave, but the impression they leave changes us forever.

Big shoutouts to some teachers with web sites here: Harriet Alterowitz, Cora Wen, Hannah Callaway, Andrea Peloso.


The main lodge of Feathered Pipe Ranch, seen from across the lake