Techniques & Foundations of Hatha Yoga at LakeView Yoga

Hello there Seattle, and Shoreline, and Bothell, and Kenmore, and Lake City, and Richmond Beach, and Lynnwood (in the hood, what? Sorry… old high school insider joke).

I’m starting a new class at Lakeview Yoga in Kenmore, and would love to hear from you about a time that works for you. Currently the two time slots I’m considering are 3:30-4:45pm or 6:45-8pm on Sunday nights through the Winter.

What Style of Yoga I Will Teach

The class will focus on Techniques and Foundations of Hatha Yoga, where we’ll be working on the mechanics of yoga poses and the ins and outs of the breath (har). There’ll be pauses for Q&A to talk about what happens in the body, limitations, potential injuries, modification, and all that fun stuff, and I’ll bring a skeleton!

In addition to the poses, we’ll work on the transition between them, the spaces in between. I’ll also introduce aspects of Restorative yoga and techniques of meditation. It will be appropriate for brand spanking-new beginners as well as people who’ve been practicing yoga and would like a deeper understanding of it.

What You Won’t Find

It’s *not* a power yoga class where you’d be working out vigorously the whole time in while I play New Agey music. The room will be… well, room temperature, warm and comfortable, no need for your swim trunk and two-piece, and you won’t even need to take a shower afterwards (a shower beforehand, however, is not discouraged). You can wear whatever you want as long as it covers everything you don’t want me (and other people) to see.

Please let me know if 1) this is something that interests you, and 2) a time that you can more or less commit to.

Where is this place, you ask? It’s in Kenmore, overlooking Lake Washington and Kenmore Airport (imagine that), which is a rather unique view for a yoga studio. (You can tell your friends, “*your* yoga studio doesn’t overlook a charter plane harbor, does it?” Because, you know, showing that you’re better than other people is what yoga is all about :))

And yes, a sense of humor is very much welcome and encouraged in my class 🙂
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View from LakeView Yoga one cloudy morning

View from LakeView Yoga one cloudy morning