Hatha Yoga is not a Yoga Style

Acute readers of this blog probably feel like I’ve beaten this horse a couple times with the short post on Clearing things up – What is Hatha Yoga? Then, just in the previous post, I mentioned briefly that Hatha Yoga is not a style. I seem to have taken it upon myself to beat this drum as loudly as possible, to be some sort of Paul Revere for Hatha Yoga (himself also part of a misconception, but I digress).

So, in the interest of developing a common vocabulary for clear communication, let’s say it once more with feelings: Hatha Yoga is not a style. It is the practice of the postures (the asanas) and working with the breath (pranayama), which includes something like, 99% of the current popular yoga styles.

(We could even make the case that some popularĀ modern yoga styles barely touch on pranayama, but that’s another topic for another day.) :)

You tell 'em, Bart!

You tell 'em, Bart!

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