Experiential Anatomy Training with Judith Lasater

Greetings from Feathered Pipe Ranch, Montana.

I’m currently half way through the Experiential Anatomy Teacher Training with Judith Lasater, who’s also the author of Yogabody: Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Asana. Apart from the beautiful setting, awesome food, and great people, the workshop is proving invaluable to my growth as a yoga student, teacher, and human being.

In her usual firm yet gentle and authoritative voice, Judith guides us through the meat (har) and potato of essential anatomical vocabulary and movement principles. She inserts in nuggets of wisdom about living and teaching yoga, and they are as inspiring as they are practical and helpful.

We are going through what seems like a lot of material, but in fact just brushing the surface of the vast studies of how the body moves. I am tweeting from time to time tid bits of what we cover, but that obviously does no justice to the actual experience itself. I highly recommend this training to anyone, no matter if you teach or not. It can truly transform your practice.