Engagement Yoga

June is here, and along with the sound of rejoice for sunshine in the Puget Sound are the sounds of wedding bells. As I approach my late twenties, my friends seem to be heading for the altar en masse. 

It is a time of much excitement, and also a time of much stress. I’m convinced wedding planning is one of the first major tests a couple must endure as they make plans to spend the rest of their lives together. 

Sometimes even watching my friends go through it all is stressful for me: who should we invite, and where, and when, and what to feed them, and what to wear… This is all in addition to the hustle and bustle of our already busy lives.  

Yoga for the Bride *and* Groom

I’ve been brewing this idea in my head for quite some time, and today I finally sat down and drew up the plans for Engagement Yoga, or, yoga for the soon-to-be brides and grooms.

There are already some wedding yoga programs out there, and they tend to place the focus on the bride and her bridesmaids in disporpotion to the groom. It’s easy to see why. Though it’s slowly changing, a typical yoga class still has more women than men.

It’s likely that women *do* more than men in the wedding planning process, but I’ve always maintained that it’s a shared experience. Even if a guy does less, he is still listening to her talk about it, he is still participating in the decision-making process.

And where there are decisions to be made, there are disagreements. Where there are disagreements, there’s potential for headaches.

Engagement Yoga is meant to be a couple’s “us time”, or a joint “me time”. It’s a way for them to be in each other’s presence and just be.

Affordable and Reasonable

I’ve also priced the packages for Engagement Yoga to be lower than the typical private yoga rates here in Seattle, primarily because I believe wedding costs are astronomical, and sometimes even unneccesarily so. I absolutely disagree with the trend of taking advantage of special occasions.

It’s my hope that Engagement Yoga brings peace, sanity, and a happy body and mind to all couples, whether they are engaged, married, or just enjoying each other’s company.