A Call for Help to Advertise Cadaver Lab Course for Yoga Teachers and Body Workers

Hey everybody,

I’m writing about the Cadaver course at Bastyr University again to stimulate interest for those who haven’t heard of it, and remind those who have. I’m also asking for your help to let the whole town know about it.

What this is

As a yoga teacher I consider it my moral obligation to continue to learn about the human body and how it functions. I’m coordinating this because I wanted to further my own education in human anatomy, and after searching around, I found the Cadaver Lab course at Bastyr University.

In communication with the course director I found out that they are no longer taking public registration due to poor attendance. Because I want to take the cadaver course, I asked if they would hold the course if I could pull together enough people. I was also lucky enough to get a small discount for anyone taking the class.

So, I am most definitely not “hosting” this course, per se. In other words I’m not making money from it, and I’m definitely not teaching it. I am trying to find enough people who would also like to take it with me.

How it works

There will be a total of three sessions of 4 hours each for a total of 12 hours. You can take each session individually, or you can take the whole thing for a 5% discount.

  • The cost Bastyr charges per hour is $35, making it $140 per session.
  • The cost with discount is $399 instead of $420 for the whole course.
  • Each session is 4-hour long, from 1-5 p.m., on Saturdays October 2, 9, and 16, 2010.
  • All sessions are taught by a qualified instructor from Bastyr University on their campus in Kenmore, Washington.

I was told that since this is a custom course, we will be able to request the area of focus. You will have a direct say over what we closely look at. Please take a look at my original post for more info on the Cadaver Course Benefits, Description and Outline.

How you can help

We currently have 5 people (including myself) and only need one more person to start the October 2nd class. The minimum is 6 people, and maximum is 10. We have two signed up for the whole course, and need three more for each session. Please consider joining us for the show to go on. If you can join for all three sessions, it’s even better.

Again, there is absolutely no profit intention behind this, purely educational. I do not have a budget for advertising, and I’m asking for word of mouth help from you. Please help me reach out to the greater Puget Sound area (and perhaps even beyond).

Please direct them to the URL nikkiyoga.com/CadaverLab. Please tweet or post the link to this from your blog, Facebook page, or website. I can be emailed at nikki @ nikkiyoga.com.

Many grateful thanks.

“I now have a deeper understanding of what a body is and what a miracle life is.” – a quote from the Bastyr Cadaver Course website.