Some (Dubious) Best Yoga & Meditation Blogs

LVN to RN, “an online resource designed to provide students who are interested in obtaining an RN degree”, just published a list of 100 Best Yoga and Meditation Blogs. Naturally, as a creature wired to love lists, I took a look.

Now, I know I’m supposed to see how long I can go without being offended, and this one tested me big time.

What could a list possibly do to send me over like that? You may wonder. I, too, wondered the same thing. After all, I’m so used to the promiscuous hobby of creating lists here in Seattle, where we have two magazines, Seattle, and Seattle Metropolitan, who take turns churning out Best Restaurants, Best Doctors, Best Neighborhoods, Best Spas, Best Dog Parks, Best Bars, Bestest Bars, Even Better Bestest Bars… you get the idea.

This list consisted of blogs from various sources. Was there anything I liked? Yes. I recognized some nice blogs like YogaDork‘s (love their punchy and tongue-in-cheek) commentaries, and got to discover new ones floating around.

The thing that got me? It included companies that use their blogs as marketing tools for their products. Granted, that’s one way for companies to promote themselves and communicate with us, but if their products were all we were interested in, we could just look at their ads, or become a walking billboard for them.

And therein lays my beef (or seitan, if you prefer) with including yoga clothing companies who heavily promote their products on their blogs, which, again, is totally groovy–it’s their blog, they can do whatever they want with it–*but*, if it’s on some Top 100 list, could it potentially make people think that wearing a certain brand of clothing is a prerequisite to doing yoga?

Where were the voices from the trenches, from people taking the journey, like Linda Karl‘s insightful blog? Where was the Yoga Satirist‘s wickedly funny blog? Where was C4Chaos’s blog on a householder’s quest to study and practice Meditation and Mindfulness?

And speaking of Meditation blogs, where was Tricycle’s blog? Where was Shambala Sun’s blog? Perhaps they were too religious flavored, so we’ll go with Consumerism instead? (And some would argue that Buddhism is not a religion, but that’s a topic for another day)

Woops, I’m getting a little snarky there eh? 🙂

So yes, admittedly, I got a little worked up over this list from the series of tubes (the Internet), feeling quite silly, really. On the one hand, as a “private citizen”, it’s none of my business what people put on their lists. On the other hand, some people look at lists as authoritative sources, and as a yoga professional, it is my business to speak up.

We can wear what we like and do what we want. Pettiness over what blog should and should not be on what list aside, I just want to stress my main concern, that some people may be taking certain brands of clothing as necessary outfit to take a yoga class. Yoga teacher Cora Wen told me once about an advice to beginners from a, shall we say, “yoga celebrity” to “buy new clothes to wear to yoga because it will make you feel more confident”. Red flags and alarm bells went off when I heard this.

What should one wear to yoga then? Teacher and author or Structural Yoga Theraphy, Mukunda Stiles, offers this thought:

Personally, I avoid the fashion parade, so I lighten up on what is the latest rage in yoga attire. My feeling is that the best clothing to wear is that which conforms to your body shape without being too revealing and without restricting your movements.