Alignment-based Yoga

I’ve had my car for over four years. After countless rock climbing road trips up and down the West coast, and crossing quite a few state and county lines this past August, my odometer is racking up some major mileage. I started noticing my car wanting to drift towards one side, and my brother pointed out that my right headlight isn’t pointing straight forward, but down, “That’s not very safe, you know” (My little brother, all grown up!)

It’s clear my car needs some TLC after all the hard work I put it through, some wheel alignment, probably, and readjusting the headlight, for sure.

Not knowing much (read: zero) about car maintenance, I did some reading up before bringing my car in the shop. According to this site: wheel alignment improves your handling, makes it safer to drive, increases fuel mileage, and reduces cost. “With all the system components aligned properly, road shock is more efficiently absorbed for a smoother ride.” Hmm… makes sense to me.

Then it occured to me, we are not so different from our cars! We, too, need our tune ups. We need to get ourselves properly aligned for an efficient and smooth ride as well.

When people ask me what style of Yoga Asana I teach, I often say, “Alignment-based yoga”. In actuality, it’s a redundant description. No matter what style we follow, the whole purpose of Yoga Asana is to put our bodies in alignment. You wouldn’t take your car to the shop for any reason other than making it more efficient to drive.