Acupuncture Associates Opening in Shoreline

Today I met with Mike Johnson of Acupuncture Associates, who’s opening an office on 180th and 15th Ave E. in Shoreline. Mike contacted me in his effort to get to know people “in the biz” in the Shoreline area.

During the conversation, he said something that totally struck a chord with me. We were talking about connecting with professionals in massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, qigong, etc., and Mike expressed that he wants to refer his clients to the appropriate treatment. I wanted to twirl and sing Hallelujah upon hearing it, because this is something I’ve been beating the drum for: yoga is a team sport.

While yoga is as near and dear to my heart as anything can be, I’ve learned to not be too in love with it to the point that I think of it as the be all and end all healing tool. There is a time and place for most things in life, and, ahem, I hope some of you don’t disown me for this, but there *is* a time when other things just might work better than yoga.

Anyhow, if you’re anywhere in the Shoreline or Lake Forest Park area, Acupuncture Associates will be opening Tuesday November 10th and¬†running a $20 initial consultation and treatment until the end of December, with or without insurance. Mike focuses on back, headache, and neck pain, and common ailments in desk dwellers.

Halp! I can has yoga too?

Sweetie, it's time we talk about space.