500-hour Teacher Training Begins!

This weekend marks the start of my 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Pacific Yoga in Seattle. My classmates have come from such diverse background and traditions, from Iyengar to Kripalu to Baptiste Vinyasa, and from all walks of life, as artists, scientists, builders, technologists…  

I found myself to be the youngest person in the group, and jokingly said to my friend Candace that I feel like a “young punk”, that I might be in some, “American Yoga Teachers, the Next Generation” reality show. Truth is, my class has a nice age spread, from 20-something to 60-something. I am hoping to learn a lot from this, and it is a nice testament to how yoga is  a part of our lives, no matter the time of life.

Someone once asked me when my training ends, and I responded, “May 2010”. Then I paused and realized that’s not entirely true. This 500-hour training, in its formal capacity, ends in May 2010, but learning the art and science of yoga, and to be a teacher, I will continue that for the rest of my life. 

In the meantime, with the foreseeable future of one year, I’m glad to be spending it in this Yoga Teacher Training.